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Step 3: Finding your Parts from the Countax PDF Parts List

Once you have extracted the codes from your sticker you should have the following information:

Year of Manufacture
Product Code

The most important of all of these is the year of manufacture. Look through the list of pdf parts list below and you should be able to find your year alongside the tractor model. This is the complete parts list for your tractor and all the information you will need to identify your spare parts. We recommend downloading and printing a copy of the pdf for yourself.
Tractor YearTractor ModelDescriptionPDF Parts List
A Series Countax Tractors
Before 2003A20/50Rear, Mulch, 42" HGM, PGC, NetDownload
2004A20/50Rear, Mulch, 42" HGM, PGC, NetDownload
2007A20/50Briggs and Stratton, HondaDownload
2008A20/50, A2550Briggs and Stratton, Honda, KawasakiDownload
2010A20/50, A2550Birggs and Stratton, Honda, KawasakiDownload
B Series Countax Tractors
2014B60 4TRAC, B80 4TRAC, B250 4TRACMK4 4WDDownload
2016B60 4TRAC, B250 4TRACKawasakiDownload
C Series Countax Tractors
Before 2000MK238", 44" Mulch, IBS, 36" HGM/FGM, PGC, NetDownload
2001 - 2003MK338", 44" Mulch, 36" HGM, IBS, PGC, NetDownload
2004 - 2005MK338", 44" Mulch, 36" HGM, IBS, PGC, NetDownload
2006 - 20084WDHonda 4WDDownload
2011C600, C800, C254WD KawasakiDownload
2011C500, C350KohlerDownload
2013 - 2015MK4Kawasaki, Briggs and StrattonDownload
2016 - 2017C50, C60, C80Briggs and StrattonDownload
D Series Countax Tractors
2000 - 2003D18/50Diesel Tractor, Rear, Mulch, 42" HGM, PGC, NetDownload
2004 - 2006D18/50Diesel Tractor, Rear, Mulch, 42" HGM, PGC, NetDownload
2007D50-LNDiesel TractorDownload
2008D50-LNDiesel TractorDownload
2009D50-LN, V2050DDiesel TractorDownload
E Series Countax Tractors
2017E3636" Cutter Deck, PGC, NetDownload
K Series Countax Tractors
1991 - 1992--36", 38", 42" Cutter Deck, PGCDownload
1993 - 1994--36", 38", 42" IBS, PGC, NetDownload
1995--36", 38", 42" IBS, PGC, NetDownload
2003K18/50Rear, Mulch, 42" HGM (2011), PGC, NetDownload
2005K18/50Rear, Mulch, 42" HGM, PGC, NetDownload
X Series Countax Tractors
2006 - 20074WD38", 44" Mulch, 36", 42" HGMDownload
20084WD38", 44", 50" Mulch, 36", 42" HGMDownload
20094WD38", 44", 50" Mulch, 36", 42" HGM, 38" CombiDownload
20104WD38", 44", 50" Mulch, 36", 42" HGM, 38" CombiDownload
JCB and Williams Tractors
2003 - 2004JCB D20/50Diesel Tractor, Rear, Mulch, 42" HGM, PGC, NetDownload
Before 2007Williams F1--Download
After 2007Williams F1--Download
Countax Rider Parts List
1995 - 1997Countax RiderDeck, PGC, NetDownload
1997 - 2000Countax RiderCutter, Mulch, PGC, NetDownload

Further PDF Parts Lists

If you require further information, below is a list of pdfs categorized by part type:

Cutting Decks

Old Style Decks
--36" Twin Blade DeckDownload
--Side Discharge DeckDownload
--MK1 Side Discharge DeckDownload
X Series Decks
Before 200836" X Series HGM DeckDownload
After 200836" X Series HGM DeckDownload
2007 - 200838" X Series Mulch DeckDownload
After 200838" X Series Mulch DeckDownload
200938" X Series Combi DeckDownload
Before 200742" X Series HGM DeckDownload
After 200742" X Series HGM DeckDownload
--44" X Series Mulch DeckDownload
2008 - 200950" X Series Mulch DeckDownload
2009 - 201150" X Series Mulch DeckDownload
201150" X Series Mulch Deck Electric LiftDownload
201150" X Series Mulch Deck Manual LiftDownload
Combi Decks
2009C330 and S130 - 30" Combi DeckDownload
--C330 and S130 - 30" Combi DeckDownload
--38" Combi DeckDownload
--44" Combi DeckDownload
2010 - 201150" Combi DeckDownload
Jan 201050" Combi Deck DieselDownload
Nov 201050" Combi Deck DieselDownload
IBS Decks
1995 - 199636" IBS DeckDownload
After 199636" IBS DeckDownload
1995 - 199638" IBS DeckDownload
After 199638" IBS DeckDownload
1995 - 199642" IBS DeckDownload
After 199642" IBS DeckDownload
1995 - 199648" IBS DeckDownload
After 199648" IBS DeckDownload
--50" IBS DeckDownload
After 201350" IBS DeckDownload
201550" IBS Deck DieselDownload
Mulching Decks
2008C330 and S130 - Mulch DeckDownload
2009C330 and S130 - 30" Mulch DeckDownload
--30" Mulch DeckDownload
Before 199738" Mulch DeckDownload
1997 - 199838" Mulch DeckDownload
From 199838" Mulch DeckDownload
Before 199844" Mulch DeckDownload
After 199844" Mulch DeckDownload
--50" Mulch DeckDownload
HGM Decks
Before 200636" HGM DeckDownload
From 200636" HGM DeckDownload
After 201136" HGM DeckDownload
June 201736" HGM DeckDownload
August 201736" HGM DeckDownload
201142" HGM DeckDownload
201742" HGM DeckDownload
--42" HGM Deck K1850Download
--42" HGM Deck DieselDownload
XRD Decks
Feb 201436" XRD DeckDownload
June 201436" XRD DeckDownload
201536" XRD DeckDownload
201736" XRD Deck (E36)Download
--36" XRD Conversion Kit Pre MK4Download
Feb 201438" XRD DeckDownload
June 201438" XRD DeckDownload
201538" XRD DeckDownload
Feb 201442" XRD DeckDownload
June 201442" XRD DeckDownload
201742" XRD DeckDownload
--42" XRD Conversion Kit Pre MK4Download
Feb 201448" XRD DeckDownload
June 201448" XRD DeckDownload
201548" XRD DeckDownload

Powered Grass Collectors and Net Assembly

Powered Grass Collectors
After 2006A, D and K Series HEDownload
2011A, D and K SeriesDownload
2013B and C Series
Product Code: 30100005
2016B and C SeriesDownload
2000 - 2002C SeriesDownload
2002 - 2005C SeriesDownload
2006 - 2009C Series MK3Download
2006 - 2013C SeriesDownload
2017E Series (E36)Download
1991 - 1994K SeriesDownload
1994K SeriesDownload
Net Assembly
2003A, D and K SeriesDownload
2004A, D and K SeriesDownload
2003 - 2004A, D and K Series HEDownload
2004 - 2009A, D and K Series HEDownload
2010 onwardsA, D and K Series HEDownload
June 2014B and C Series
Product Code: 40100003
1996 - 1999C SeriesDownload
1999 - 2000C SeriesDownload
2000 - 2008C SeriesDownload
2009C SeriesDownload
2017E Series (E36)Download

Accessories and Information

March 2005Countax ScarifierDownload
2003Chipper ShredderDownload
2004Chipper ShredderDownload
2005Chipper ShredderDownload
2006 - 2009Chipper ShredderDownload
2001C Series DecalsDownload
--C Series 4WD DecalsDownload
2008A and D Series SnowbladeDownload
--Echo Transportion Box ETB-120Download

Owners Instruction Manuals

--30" RiderDownload


Diesel Engines
--Yanmar Engine YA2V78CADownload
Kawasaki Engines
--Kawasaki FR541V-AS52 PartsDownload
--Kawasaki FS481V-AS50 PartsDownload
--Kawasaki FS541V-AS50 PartsDownload
--Kawasaki FS730V-AS51E PartsDownload
Kohler Engines
--Magnum MV16 Spec 56501-56518Download
--Magnum MV18 Spec 58501-58539Download
--Magnum MV20 Spec 57501-57514Download
Honda Engines
--Honda GXV520U, GXV530U, GXV530RDownload
--Honda GXV610, GXV620Download